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Professional 6 Pieces Kitchen Knife Set

Professional 6 Pieces Kitchen Knife Set

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Professional 6 Pieces Kitchen Knife Set


8 Inch Cleaver Knife

Tall blade height gives knuckle clearance to assist with food preparation, so it can easily handle daily kitchen tasks.

Convenience for breaking down larger cuts of boneless meats and poultry as well as dicing, mincing and chopping tough vegetables.


8 Inch Chef Knife

It is unexpectedly light and dexterous, so it works on many precision tasks.

Perfect for boning, removing the skin from a fish, slicing thin or thick, cutting large or small cubes.


3.5 Inch Fruit Knife

Featuring a short blade for enhanced accuracy and precision.

Flexible for peeling, coring, garnishing, slicing and dicing the fruits, such as apples and pears.


8 Inch Bread Knife

Ultra-sharp serrated edge effortlessly slices the toughest loaves of bread, to provide a smooth, clean cut.

Ease for griping and cutting through cake, crusty bread, bagels, pastries.


Ceramic Peeler

Handle is comfortable, quickly paring during repeated movements.

Profession for peeling waxy and slippery fruits and vegetables like peaches, plums, tomatoes, zucchini and more.


Kitchen Scissor

The sharp edge makes it easy to slice food and non-food items.

Expedience for cutting up parsley and herbs, opening a beer bottle or nutcracker.

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