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Happy Home 3.5L Micro Pressure Cooker

Happy Home 3.5L Micro Pressure Cooker

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  • Double layer non-stick process

  • Made of thickened iron

  • Excellent low pressure cooking

  • Less smoke, easy to clean, healthy

  • Airtight, High-pressure

  • Heat is evenly distributed


Product Description:

  • Anti-scalding and anti-skid PP material

  • Suitable for various heat sources

  • By increasing the pressure inside the pot to raise the boiling point, it cooks faster.

  • The micro-pressure effect within 4KPA saves 20%-50% of the time compared to ordinary soup pots, and at the same time avoids too much pressure and damages the nutrition of the ingredients * Boiling point 100℃/1KPA, boiling point 120℃/2KPA

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