About Us

At HappyHome.ph, we go to work every day to give our consumers (you) the needs they require to improve their home. From the basic items for your living room to your cooking essentials and items your children would like to have, we all have them. We give our services to every man, woman, and children. We are your one-stop shop for all of your home needs.


We offer products that are essential for the improvement of your homes. There are appliance products to complete your kitchen essentials. We also have different tools for all the dads to enjoy and use. We have items that moms would love to hang in the living room. Also, stuff for the kids to have.

Our Mission

At HappyHome.ph, our mission is to be able to help the Filipinos shop for all of their home improvement needs without the hassle of traffic and queuing in long lines at the mall and other retail stores. We aspire to help every family improve their homes with just a few clicks of the button.

We at HappyHome.ph gives you the easiest way of shopping for your home improvement needs. Everyone can benefit here and everyone is welcome to shop. With just a few clicks of the buttons, you will be feasting your eyes on the different types of products that you will find. From big to small items that will complete your essentials at home.

The products that we offer are durable, quality-wise and will improve your homes. Complete with all the specifications of the product and other important details to help you choose among the hundreds of products that we offer you.
Like the name implies, we make your homes happy. With the wide array of products that you can choose from, they will surely bring joy and happiness to the family.

Why the need for Home Improvement?

Home improvement is essential for every home and every place you consider your home. Home improvement is not done to just beautify a house, but also to ensure the safety of unexpected calamities.

In the Philippines, we only have 2 seasons, the rainy season and summer season. During the summer season, temperature rises, thus, the need to cool down. We, at HappyHome.ph, offer products that will make you feel comfortable and enjoy the summer sun. We make sure to make the unbearable, bearable.

During the rainy season, strong winds and heavy rains can cause damage to houses and can be very unsafe for families. At HappyHome.ph, we offer you products that can help you to do your repair work for a safe and sound home.

At HappyHome.ph, we make sure that even when the sun is scalding hot and the rain is pouring hard, you can still shop freely at your own comfort. We are an online retail shopping store for all your home improvement needs. We offer the best quality products that will surely last.

Shop now at HappyHome.ph and start improving your homes for the whole family!