Home Maintenance You Should Do Before the Rainy Season

Home Maintenance You Should Do Before the Rainy Season

It’s the rainy season again and it’s the time of the year when house maintenance should have been done and secured everything that might get affected by heavy rain or strong winds. Home improvements include home maintenance. Maintenance at home needs to be done regularly. For countries experiencing snow, they need to ensure the roof can handle the weight of the snow. As in the Philippines where there is no snow, the home maintenance should ensure the roofing will not be blown away easily when the strong wind comes. As well as no holes in the roof and gutters are cleaned of leaves and other debris.

Here are some of the home maintenance you should do before the rainy season.

Check for Lawn Damage

The lawn is important. If the lawn is bare and no grass, the water may stay and create a puddle. Sometimes, cause flooding around the house. Ensure that your lawn is not bare and if there are small holes that are possible to create puddles, have them covered with grass or patched with soil.

Check for Leaky and Loose Gutters

Your home gutter is very essential during the rainy season. Your gutter is the one that catches the water from your roof and ensures that water is properly flowing through the pipes and not through the sides. You must clean your gutter of leaves, sticks, dirt and other debris. Ensure that water will flow freely.

Ensure Roof is Sturdy and No Holes

The roof is what keeps you warm and dry. If your roof has holes, it can easily leak through the inside of your home and cause damage. To prevent this, have someone check for the roof and if holes are visible, have the holes patched. If the roofing needs to be changed, have it changed immediately before the heavy rains come. Check the inside of the ceiling and walls as well for leaks and have them repaired if needed.

Check the Exterior

Another part of your home you need to check is the exterior of your home. This is the outside of your house including the front and backyard. If you have large trees surrounding your house, ensure that if a strong wind comes, it will not fall to your house. If it needs trimming off of branches, do so. It’s better to prevent any damages that may incur.

Check the Interior of Your Home

When it’s the rainy season, the outside is not the only place you need to check. Check also the interior of your home for any replacement you need to do such as electrical circuits that might affect your home. Ensure that there are no electrical faulty wires that might flare up when there is a heavy rain. Make sure that during the rainy season, you also have safety measures to follow in case the unthinkable will happen.

During the rainy season, many homes are damaged and some totally ruined because of negligence in home improvement and maintenance. Regular checking of your home is recommended to ensure that whatever the weather is, you will be safe and sound inside your home.

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